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How to Find and Use Error Airline Fares (without Tears)

Have you been overcome with the desire to get away to someplace, any place — if you can get a sweet deal?

If you are flexible about when and where you’ll go, do as I did recently - try to travel using an “error fare”. You may have heard the buzz about these fares, also called “mistake fares” or “glitch fares.”

Right now I see round trips from Dubai to Malaysia for $125 USD and Geneva to Bangkok for $309 USD.

Does this fire your imagination to plan an impromptu escape?

Read on—you can thank me later!

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My Epic List of Travel Hacks

Hello! Thomas here, the developer of your favourite Currency Calculator app

Over the years, traveling alone, or together with my wife, or even with the whole family (we got 2 kids), I collected a massive list of tips, little cheats and massive travel hacks.

I've found that with a little preparation -- and a little practice -- you too can deploy these tricks to save money, stress and delays during your next big trip.

Or small. They all work both ways.​

In this article, I organised my top hacks in easy-to-read categories:

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How To Throw Away Your Ticket To Save Money

As for today's travelers, you and me are considerably savvier than our younger selves ten years ago.

We know that while airline fares are much higher than they should be, obtaining a lower priced ticket should always be possible.

But how?

All we need is a bit of ticketing knowledge and a couple of useful travel life hacks.

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