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Do you hate using complicated apps?

Most apps are downloaded and used only once or twice, only to be forgotten shortly after, taking up space in your phone, and never used again.

Do you know that feeling?

Chances are you found these apps too complex, did not understand how to use them, and felt overwhelmed by too many features. 

Use our Currency Converter and you’ll get the following benefits:

All World Currencies

Regardless of the country - our 180 currencies we got you covered.

Easy To Use

Structured like a calculator you have used hundreds of times before.

Always Up To Date

All exchange rates are updated automatically ever hour.


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"Love this app. I travel a lot and this app is so easy to use."

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"This app is so easy to use and very quick.
Would not be without it when travelling.

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I ike it."

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Over 1.5 Million Users,
over 1,500 Five-Star Reviews,
Latest Version Average Rating of 4.8 

Use our free Currency Calculator and Converter app on vacation or business trips.

Wherever you go, we got you covered - you can select from 170 different currencies.

The app is easy to use - you use it like a calculator. Simply tap the amount you want to convert, and tap the "equals" button.

To chose another currency, tap the currency name.

Use simple touch gestures - swipe up/down to swap first and second currency, or left/right to quickly cycle through your favorites.

To avoid roaming fees when traveling abroad, you can disable exchange rate updates on the "Info" screen. If you need more precision, you can show the values with up to 4 decimal places.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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